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Bread Ovens
The production capacity of the bakery, ranging between 1500 and 8000 loaves per hour and can produce all kinds of bread (oven - Arab - tourism - Lebanese) and you can repeat types of bread and pastry Alaftaúrma be aware of the machines to ensure the existence for a year and consists of

1. House fire: Btoal different prefabricated derived temperature of the burner Italian-made gas-operated type BALTUR or running on diesel and is going to drive multi-speed built from the inside brick thermal heat-resistant and covered Balstanls Steele. And isolated good insulation Bazel thermal American perlite and Alphipprklas. Sir procedure of the oven Made of stainless steel heat-resistant thickness (5)

2. Final fermentation room: Btoal different contain fifteen layer of cloth or the Spanish and Austrian spin on the twin-engine capacity / 2 / HP and all the gear from both sides covered with foreign Balphipprklas transparent and stainless steel and fitted with an electronic device to control speeds.

3. Chip mechanism is twofold: working on compressed air equipped with a control panel, electric Ahawapk (Cylinder) Showing 85 cm coated material Alhardkrom working on parchment loaf of (2-8 mm) and Qatar from 15 to 33 cm depending on the type of bread you want and work within the circuit photoelectric and equipped with an electronic to control speeds. It works on all three engines and gears Albillat Balstanls coated steel to protect against physical damage.

4. Cutter mechanism is twofold: working on compressed air and equipped with multi-speed engines and Onkernag operate within an electronic circuit fitted with electric control panel contains an electronic device to control speeds. The helix is ​​made of high quality steel Asattans. Basin conical dough is made of chrome and provider Bashfra cleaning of the basin.

Cut the dough Primary: Primary Btoal different floors and seven working on multi-speed engine capacity Onkernag 1 \ 2 HP gear and covered with foreign-made steel Balstanls. Bad foreign cloth to the type of francs. Ergonomic aspects of the coated aluminum Biskk and clear plastic and stainless steel.

6. Lever to the dough basin: Basin Ajana crane to different sizes and different heights stomach to empty the dough from the basin to basin dough fermentation technology and high quality is guaranteed for one year

7. Mixer loaders: 50/100/150 kg dough capacity of Hilla, an independent animated engine made of stainless steel work on the engine capacity / 5.5 / hp three-phase.

8. Basin dough: made of stainless provider capacity per four-wheel / 50/100/150 kg dough.

9. Air Compressor: Italian with a capacity of three hundred Libre with a hose is required to run in Power required.

10. The main panel to control the machines contain within the thermal magnetic breakers.