Our Productsspiral dough mixerspiral dough mixer

2- Dough divider-model SH-B01:
Dough divider. With s/s bowel which can be opened to enable cleaning of endless screws, and a rotating s/s scraper/agitator toprevent the dough from developing air pockets:
2 extruding nozzles (2 rows across output) with interchangeable adaptors to control product scaling in order to cover different diameter rang-easy change over.
- Dough balls weight can be adjusted from 30 up to 160 grams by means of an electronic sensor.
- equal distance between dough balls after cutting and maximum accuracy in weight.
- Built-in flour duster with pressing unit.
Integrated electric control panel (The service areas of the machines are easily accessible viasafely guarded doors and panels).
- Variable speed motor 0.75 KW 220/380 V to enable cutting speed controlspiral dough mixerspiral dough mixer
External dimension: 180 cm long 55 cm wide 125 cm height
Weight: 450 KG

capacity 70 KG
Electric capacity 0.75 KW 220/380 V
Long 180 cm
Wide 55 cm
Height 125 cm

450 KG





2-A- Dough divider Model ND-01
Operate by regular bowel 60KG dough capacity
Provide by two motors 380V 50/60 Hz
External dimension: 160 cm long 55 cm
wide 115 cm height
Weight: 400 KG

capacity 60 KG
Electric capacity 380 V
Long 160 cm
Wide 55 cm
Height 155 cm

400 KG

spiral dough mixerspiral dough mixerspiral dough mixer